Honey is a natural product that has a delicious taste and beautiful aroma . Honey is the natural cure of many diseases . In the past, honey was used as a cure for melodies as at that time there was a lack of medical technology. Pure Honey is the only product that never expires when  it is used with care. Pure honey  is the natural cure of diseases that grants a healthy and enjoyable life. Natural honey is rich in vitamins , minerals,and nutrients that your body needs for better growth. The largest and best honey markets are located in Tarnab farm ,Peshawar, Pakistan. In Pakistan the Tarnab farm is called the center of honey ,where the world’s best quality honey is produced and supplied to different countries specially Arab countries each year about 4000 tons of honey. but nowadays it has been difficult to identify the pure honey and fake honey. But you do not need to worry,because today, we  are going to explore the best honey brand in Pakistan from where you can get 100% pure and natural honey with lifetime guarantee that is “JUNGLE HILLS HONEY  ” .If you want to know  more about JUNGLE HILLS HONEY  in Pakistan that provides 100% pure and organic honey at wholesale prices as well as retail prices to its valuable customers then this article is for you.

Here we will provide you detailed information about the best honey brand in pakistan.


“JUNGLE HILLS HONEY” is the largest and best honey brand in Tarnab farm, Peshawar Pakistan.

JUNGLE HILLS HONEY has been providing  100% pure and organic honey as well as other natural products for the last 20 years  since 1990.we  take care of the trust of our valuable customers. We provide 100% pure, natural and organic honey to our precious customers at wholesale and retail prices. 

The interesting thing about this brand is it always follows the rules and regulations imposed by the government on honey businesses. It is common for us to organize excellent training sessions for qualified beekeepers, so that they will learn the latest and most advanced techniques of taking care of the honeybees and keeping them healthy. Honey that comes from healthy bees is of higher quality.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality honey in the world. Our entire effort is devoted to our valued customers and their trust.

Additionally, we provide our customers with home delivery, discounts, and often special offers.

If you look for the most  trustable brand of honey in Pakistan we recommend you the JUNGLE HILLS HONEY because of its super and exalted  qualities.

The honey which we provide you has amazing health benefits such as boosting the strength of the immune system, fighting against infections,improving heart health,reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases,improving blood circulation,maintaining the health of the body and much more. It is because our honey is of high quality and unprocessed, so that it directly touches the heart of our customers.

It is our responsibility to ensure the purity of our honey to the last drop.

Here are the details you need to know about our products. We will also enlist the benefits of pure honey.


A well-known brand for honey at Tarnab farm,Peshawar Pakistan is “JUNGLE HILLS HONEY” which provides a wide range of natural products including Suffron, olive oil, desi ghee, salajeet and various kinds of best  honey.

Different Varieties of best  honey:- 


Sidr honey is one of the special type of honey which is obtained purely from  the nectar of the the sidr trees. It is the most expensive  honey in the world . It has a delicious taste and an attractive aroma. It is the only honey that never crystallizes because of its low glucose content and high fructose content. Our beekeepers use the best techniques and methods to produce the world’s best quality of sidr honey.

We provide the best and high quality of sidr honey to our dear customers at wholesale and retail prices.

JUNGLE HILLS HONEY   guarantees  the purity and quality of its sidr honey till the last drop.


Acacia honey is obtained from the nectar of yellow acacia flowers.it has a light golden  color and smooth texture with a beautiful taste and aroma. Acacia honey remains liquid for a longer time 

and crystallizes much slower than traditional honey due to  its higher  fructose content . Our beekeepers are trained in a way that ensures the highest quality of acacia honey in the world. With much care and safety, they make sure that the honey is of top quality.

We provide high quality Acacia honey in Pakistan as well as other countries  in a bulk amount every year. Keeping our customers’ trust is our top priority, so we strive to deliver quality honey.

Small bee honey:-

One of the special types of honey rarely found in the world has the amazing health benefits over an ordinary honey. Small bee honey is produced by special species of bees which are stingless.These bees are different from ordinary honey bees , they are small in size and do not possess the sting. Small bee honey helps you to resolve the problem of lack of sleep , and helps in anxiety problems. It is very beneficial in resolving the anxiety and tiredness issues. It has super medical properties that makes it special in medical treatment as compared to ordinary honey.

But all the benefits of honey are achievable only when it is 100% pure and natural  and there are no additives in it.

Here JUNGLE HILLS HONEY guarantees the purity and quality of small bee honey till last drop.

Clover honey:-

Clover honey is produced by the honey bees which collect nectar from the clover  trees.it has the light yellow  color and delicately sweet taste. Clover honey contains special compounds that lead the production of hydrogen peroxides in a body. This compound is very helpful in killing  bacteria and preventing infections and keeping the brain healthy.

Besides these, clover honey has many other health benefits.

If you are looking for a brand of honey that offers 100% pure and original honey, we recommend JUNGLE HILLS HONEY.

Orange honey:-

Orange honey is one of the common and populated types of honey.it  is produced by the bees that collect nectar from the orange citrus flowers.

Orange honey has a light golden color and a delicious flavor with a fresh aroma. Our dedicated beekeepers work hard to get this type of honey seasonally, since orange honey is particularly high in vitamin C. This honey has a wide range of health benefits, including healing properties, antibacterial properties, and regulates blood pressure levels and much more.

Luckily you can get high quality orange honey from” JUNGLE HILLS HONEY”.

Bee pollen:-

The bee pollen is the fundamental  source of the food for honey bees especially for young bees   and queen . The best bee pollen is rich in minerals, vitamins, nutrients,lipids and much more. These components of bee pollen are important  in the production and development of  the young honey bees.

It is very important for beekeepers to use the best quality bee pollen , otherwise they cannot lead the production of healthy young honey bees.

Here JUNGLE HILLS HONEY  provides the high quality bee pollen to its dear customers, if you look for the trusted  brand from where you can get it with guarantee and responsibility then our recommendation for you is JUNGLE HILLS HONEY. 

We provide bee pollen of best quality at wholesale and retail prices  to our valuable customers .

Olive oil:-

The olive oil is most popularly known for its health benefits and commonly used in medical treatment. It is rich in health promoting properties. Olive oil has  powerful antioxidants,        anti-inflammatory properties , protection against heart diseases , anti-cancer properties and much more. 

We collect the best quality of olive-fruits across the world and then make 100% pure olive from them . Our dedicated employees work with much care and use advanced techniques and methods .

We are the best brand of honey in Peshawar, Pakistan that supplies 100% pure and natural products to our respected customers.

Here we also facilitate our customers by providing 100% pure and natural olive oil that is rich in all natural properties.

You can get it at wholesale as well as retail prices .


Salajeet is a blackish,brownish natural substance. It  is obtained from layers of rock and mountain ranges across the world including Himalayas , karakuram, Tibetan and so on. It has super health benefits and is widely used in curing certain diseases such as anemia,chronic fatigue,chronic pain etc.

Salajeet also has excellent anti-oxidant properties. Salajeet is rare and costly in the world due to its expenses.

Our dedicated employees visit many mountain ranges around the world just in the search of salajeet throughout the year.

They spend years month by month, year by year in the search for the natural and best quality of salajeet.

So, we are serving our customers with the best quality  and natural salajeet on their demand.

The best known honey brand in Peshawar Pakistan that is also providing high quality salajeet to its respected customers is JUNGLE HILLS HONEY.


Saffron is a natural plant. Its dried threads like parts  of the flowers are used for creating saffron spices, medicines, food coloring and much more. It has various health benefits.it has good antioxidant properties. Saffron is very helpful in curing  many diseases such as cancer,  Alzheimer disease, depression , anxiety and so on.

It is rarely found in the world due to which it is a very costly natural product.

These are just a few health benefits of saffron. Besides these , there are plenty of advantages of 100% pure and natural saffron.

JUNGLE HILLS HONEY provides  100% pure and natural saffron at wholesale and retail prices.


JUNGLE HILLS HONEY is the largest and best honey brand at Tarnab farm,Peshawar,Pakistan. There are plenty of best key features of JUNGLE HILLS HONEY  that distinguish it from other brands. It is best known because of the best quality of honey in the world .

It provides 100% pure and organic honey with guarantee of purity till the last drop.

It facilitates the customers with home delivery services.

It organizes training sessions for beekeepers to teach them advanced beekeeping techniques and methods.

Honey is always tested in the laboratory  before delivery.

It has its own large number of honey farms where high quality honey is produced every year.

It has a well equipped laboratory for carrying out various tests on honey`s quality .

Best packing is used in order to protect the honey from the external environment.

Its honey offers amazing health benefits because it provides the raw and unprocessed honey to valuable customers.

Availability of fresh  honey throughout the year .

Positive reviews of the customers the best key features of JUNGLE HILLS HONEY.

It also gives special discounts and offers occasionally.

It has experienced ,well-qualified , and trained beekeepers.

Cleanness and much care in all activities are prominent key features of JUNGLE HILLS HONEY.

JUNGLE HILLS HONEY is certified and registered with various food authority departments.

It also provides other natural and 100% pure products such as Saffron Olive oil, Desi ghee, Salajeet, Bee pollen and so on.

It never compromises on the quality of its honey and products.

It always strives to provide the best and high quality products to customers.

Evaluation is conducted occasionally to evaluate the condition of beekeepers, honey bees, cleanness, work`s nature , and so on.

It provides good equipment to beekeepers to utilize during working and not to use barren hands.

Honey bees and their health are  specially protected.

It always asks customers for feedback.

Always work under the rules and regulations of the government.

Beekeepers are given the opportunity to  learn best and scientific techniques to enhance overall productivity.


We discussed about the best honey brand in pakistan , description about its products,

And key features .

We hope now  you are equipped with the knowledge about the best honey brand in Pakistan.

There are alot of honey brands working in Pakistan , and each claims 100% purity of honey. But not at all in reality , because we believe the best is always one.

The largest and well-known honey brand JUNGLE HILLS HONEY has been providing 100% pure and organic honey  with guarantee of purity and quality till the last drop.

It facilitates its customers with special offers and discounts occasionally.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustable honey brand from which you can get high quality honey at wholesale and retail prices , we recommend JUNGLE HILLS HONEY.


Which honey brand is best?

The JUNGLE HILLS HONEY at Tarnab farm , Peshawar,Pakistan is the largest and best honey brand from where you can get 100% pure and natural honey at wholesale and retail prices.

Which honey is famous in Pakistan?

The sidr honey of JUNGLE HILLS HONEY brand is most famous in pakistan.

The sidr honey of this brand is fully natural and organic that offers overall health benefits. The popularity of this brand and sidr  honey is the best quality of honey .

Which is 100% pure honey?

 The raw , natural ,unprocessed, and  unfiltered honey is 100% pure honey .It is produced only by honey bees not in factories. The JUNGLE HILLS HONEY guarantees 

the purity and quality  100% till the last drop.

What is the purest brand of honey?

World`s no 1 honey brand JUNGLE HILLS HONEY COMPANY  that provides 100% pure and natural honey to its valuable customers with guarantees of purity and quality till the last drop.

where to buy organic honey in pakistan?

The best place from where you can buy the world best quality organic honey is the JUNGLE HILLS HONEY COMPANY of Pakistan that sells 100% pure organic and natural honey .

what is b est honey in pakistan?

 The sidr honey is best known honey not only in Pakistan but also all around the world .It has delecious taste and and amazing fragrance . The best place from where you can buy the world best  quality sidr honey is the JUNGLE HILLS HONEY COMPANY .


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