Tarnab Farm, the Agriculture research institute of Peshawar. It has been the fundamental
foundation of agricultural development in the province. In its history it has promoted the
economic growth of the farming community by introducing the varieties of fruits , vegetables,
crops and specially honey`s varieties. Tarnab Farm Peshawar has been the basic learning and
growing area for farmers,beekeepers, honey`s business,and for Nursery`s peoples. It organizes
the various training sessions , where farmers,beekeepers,honey`business man are trained .
These training sessions equip them with the best techniques and knowledge so they can grow
their businesses. Tarnab Farm Peshawar is best known for modern farming practices . Because
different courses and training sessions are held in order to impart the best scientific techniques
and systematic knowledge to their dedicated beekeepers,farmers and nursery people. The
basic purpose of sessions and training is to improve productivity and quality . There are various
prominent Honey`s markets, flower Nurseries,research institute and training institute in Tarnab
Farm Peshawar. If you want to know more about Tarnab Farm Peshawar then do not skip
anything below. Here we will discuss more about it.

Key features of Tarnab Farm Peshawar

Here we are going to discuss the key features of Tarnab Farm Peshawar that differentiates it
from other parts of Peshawar . As above we discussed that it is playing a key role in the
economic growth of the provinces , now by discussing its key features , it will be cleared.There
are uncountable key features of Tarnab farm Peshawar , we will focus only on those that are
making it superb.if you you are getting impatient to know about its key features then read them
below carefully.

Best honey markets

The best key features of Tarnab farm Peshawar is that there are plenty of best honey markets .
The Tarnab farm is also best known for providing the best quality of honey. Each type of honey
with high quality is easily found. These markets supply the honey across Pakistan as well as the
world. The best thing about these markets is that the majority of them have their own honey
farm , where they keep honey bees , produce fresh seasonal honey, conduct different tests and
then supply to the markets. If you are looking for a place, from where you can have 100% pure
and natural honey we will recommend you Tarnab farm Peshawar.

Research laboratory

The best thing about Tarnab farm Peshawar is the presence of a research laboratory, in this
research place the devastated pests are identified, monitored and controlled for the
protection of fields in different zones of KPK..in this way it brings technological improvements in
research and increase the strength of agricultural research stations of KPK.

Training sessions & seminars

In Tarnab farm Peshawar there are various training sessions and seminars are held
occasionally .In these training sessions the training is given to beekeepers, farmers, honey’s
business men, and nursery people.
The scientific techniques and systemic methods are taught to them so they can enhance the
productivity and quality of their businesses.
The hand-on training imparts the best knowledge and techniques so they may become more
productive and efficient.
The overall purpose of conducting training sessions is to improve the growth of their businesses, so they can be proved helpful to enhance the economic growth of the province.

Production of best fruits and seeds

In Tarnab farm Peshawar , in the research institute the scientists always strive to discover the
new superb techniques with the help of which they can produce the high quality fruits of
delicious taste and seeds. They perform various experiments on seeds and find out more about
them. They utilize scientific methods and processes and apply them to different seeds.they
discover the ways to improve the health of seeds , so it can maintain its health for a prolonged
period of time. Also, they try to modify the seeds and introduce new seeds that will produce more fruits.

Best nursery platforms

The very interesting thing about Tarnab farm is the presence of a lot of nursery farms , where
you can find various varieties of flowers. There are plenty of nursery farms that provide you with the best quality of flowers, trees, grass and much more. The nursery owners also follow the
scientific techniques to take care their greenery in best way. So, if you are looking for the best
place from where you can get the health and precious plants , you have to visit the Tarnab farm

Public guidance and honey festivals

In Tarnab farm Peshawar various seminars are conducted where the importance of honey bees
and honey`s health benefits are represented to the community. The awareness is given to the
community about honey`s bees , honey health benefits,and special processes. The overall aim
of conducting honey festivals and seminars is to improve their performance and enhance their
productivity. So, in this way they become more active in their activities and do their best.

Inauguration of olive oil

Recently the governor of khyber pakhtunkhwa HAJI GULAM ALI visited the agricultural
research institute and inaugurated the olive oil festivals. In this time the Governor also
announced that he will provide the best olive oil producing machine on his behalf to farmers.
The governor also said that the production of olive oil is not only important for increasing the
country’s exchange rate but also for developing the farmers’ economy.


the Tarnab farm peshawar. It is developed for various purpose such as:
It provides the funding opportunity for the research of agriculture by universities, institutes,
scientists and so on.
It supports the educational programs in agriculture and related to it.
It also plays a key role in supporting economic development , agricultural practices and so on.
Basically this institute works for enhancing the crop production rate , fertility, water management

Location / Address of Tarnab farm peshawar

Here we will show you the address as well as the location of the Tarnab farm peshawar. It can
help you to reach easily at the Tarnab farm Peshawar.
If you need 100% pure and natural honey and the best plants , you can easily reach your
destiny by following the given address and location.


The exact address of Tarnab Farm is as follows: Village Charbagh, Tehsil & District Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. This detailed address ensures that anyone trying to locate the farm will have no trouble finding it.


Remarkable points about Tarnab Farm

Here we are going to show you some remarkable points about Tarnab farm Peshawar that you
need to know . So if you want to know about remarkable points , you must read them below.

➔ Presence of best nursery farm
➔ Presence of best and big honey markets
➔ Conducting training session and seminars for local beekeepers and for others
➔ Presence of NIFA
➔ Agriculture research institute
➔ Discovering best fruits and seeds
➔ Medical Research on honey processes and its quality
➔ Teaching scientific techniques and method to beekeepers and others
➔ Known as center of honey in Peshawar
➔ The biggest honey market in pakistan

How is it promoting honey production?

As we discussed above plenty of points about Tarnab farm Peshawar, it is the center of honey
in Peshawar ,Pakistan. Here are a bunch of super honey markets that sell honey across
Pakistan as well as the world. In Tarnab farm Peshawar different training sessions and seminars
are specially conducted for beekeepers, in these sessions the best knowledge , techniques and
methods are taught to beekeepers. After taking these sessions the beekeepers become able to
show their best performance and enhance their output results. Beekeepers take care of their
bees in the best way and keep them healthy , so they produce more and more honey. Tarnab
farm supplies a lot of honey to Arab countries every year . The estimated export is 4000 tons
per year. It is also the biggest honey market in pakistan.

How is it promoting the Peshawar`s honey industry??

Tarnab farm Peshawar is the biggest honey market in pakistan. It exports almost 4000 tons of
honey to Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, per year.. It almost cost about 2.8 billion.It is
said that Tarnab farm Peshawar is promoting the province`economy by progressing the
peshawar honey industry.
In Tarnab farm the high quality honey is produced and then supplied to different locations.Just
because of its honey quality and taste it is becoming popular day by day. Due to the best quality
and taste the honey is demanded by different cities and countries. Therefore it is said that
Tarnab farm Peshawar is promoting the Peshawar`s honey industry.


We hope now you will be equipped with enough knowledge about Tarnab farm Peshawar.
We have just discussed the main and important points about it. We also have mentioned the
address and location through you can easily reach here. If you look for the best market of
honey here, we recommend JUNGLE HILLS HONEY.
We also have discussed the major key features of Tarnab farm Peshawar, which highlights its


Which crops are grown in Peshawar?

There are various crops are grown in Peshawar some of them are given below:

  • Rice
  • Tobacoo

When was the agriculture section of Tarnab established?

In Tarnab farm Peshawar the agricultural institute was established in 1908 by the British government.


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